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RedPen Training is for those who want to become more proficient in their self-editing.

MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE, from 1 January 2019

All tuition and training is provided by me, Anne Rainbow.

How much does it costs?

£20 / month

What do you get for your money?

Continued access to the RedPen Editing Facebook group
Daily editing tips

Continued access to the RedPen Editing courses
People, places and props
Show versus tell
Word choices

Continued access to the online live tutorials

Additional  workshops
Series of webinars and interactive work via separate FB groups
I SEE YOU Book review
POP workshops

  • POP1: Patsy Collins’ short-story Family Recipe
  • POP2: Enid Reece’s short-story Bang
  • POP3: Anne Rainbow’s play Coming Clean 
  • POP4: Anne Rainbow’s ebook EDITING The RedPen Way: 10 steps to successful self-editing 

All RedPen Training members also enjoy early bird priority booking on face-to-face workshops

Click here to apply to join RedPen Training.


All transactions are in pounds sterling.

Payment is by bank transfer/standing order from your bank account to mine.

If you are not in the UK and wish to pay through PayPal, this can be arranged.


A full refund is available if you decide, and notify in writing within 7 days of purchase, that the product/service is not for you. No quibble, full refund on request.