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Types of training

As intuitive as the software developers try to make their products, we all need training!


For Scrivener, THE expert is Gwen Hernandez. Gwen wrote Scrivener for Dummies and offers lots of courses. Check out her courses at

Scrivener Coach, Joseph Michael, provides excellent training with his LearnScrivenerFast courses, and you will find more Scrivener training on ‘How to Plan and Outline Novels using Scrivener’ – and lots of other relevant courses at Udemy too. And, check out YouTube!

And then, there’s yours truly … for one-on-one help with Scrivener, book a Simply Scrivener Specials.


When I purchased InfusionSoft, I also bought into a training package available from Exela. Their trainers are brilliant and, with their help, I made a great start, setting up my own campaigns and coming to grips with this very sophisticated and powerful software.

As I progressed, though I needed more help and, this time, I turned to Greg Hickman at Greg and his team provide invaluable training on marketing using InfusionSoft but also cater for users of other marketing automation sofware.