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Overwhelmed by editing? Struggling to find your own errors? RedPen is for you! I teach writers how to self-edit and to enjoy the process. If you need to polish your words until they shine, click below for your free RedPen course.

5* review on Amazon for EDITING The RedPen Way: An Invaluable Guide to Writing and Self-Editing

Who doesn't struggle with editing? Honestly, I had a hard time believing that I was not alone in my struggle! After reading this, I don't feel like such an incompetent writer. Obviously all writers struggle with editing. Although this manual relates more to fiction writers than non-fiction, the content can certainly be used by both groups. There are plenty of downloads that you can access to improve your writing skills and the author offers a free self-editing course. The author is also a scrivener expert ... This book is practical and invaluable for all writers. The content is ageless. ... My overall advice is that every writer should purchase a copy and keep it handy for both the writing and editing phases. I'm very thankful to have this book in my library. I'm sure I will be using it alot as a valuable resource aide.

MJ Chivers Verified purchaser, Amazon

5* review on Amazon for EDITING The RedPen Way

EDITING The RedPen Way is so much more than a book on editing. It is a well thought out book on writing. It is a practical how-to on technique and style. Anne has included multiple checklists along the way to help the writer implement the techniques. A must have for both the novice and the veteran.

Laura Johnson Verified purchaser, Amazon

5* review on Amazon for EDITING The RedPen Way

If you like to write, and fiction is you’re nitch, Editing The RedPen Way is a must for you. I found it extremely helpful for nonfiction too! Anne will lead you systematically through each of her ten steps that walk you through a fail proof self-editing process that will help you offer you’re readers a great read. This book is definitely not limited to the writer of fiction. Whether you are writing a letter, email, or blog post you will benefit from this powerful book. You will read it in no time at all, but will reference it often. Let Anne Rainbow help you write – right.

Susan M Wilson Verified purchaser, Amazon

5* review on Amazon for EDITING The RedPen Way

The RedPen Way really does work! This is a fabulous book about editing, and how to do it! Anne leads us through her step by step plan and makes the whole process look and feel easy. If you're someone who struggles to edit your own work, this book is for you. The reader is guided through a series of editing techniques done in a set order. Only when each is complete can you move onto the next one. Yes, you have to be disciplined, but once you involve yourself in the RedPen way of doing things, everything becomes much easier, and the task of editing, is not so overwhelming.

Maria Smith Verifed reviewer, Amazon

5* review on Amazon for EDITING The RedPen Way: A life saver for first time author!

As a first time author, this is one book that every serious writer should invest in. Having gone through the editing process myself, I struggled with that process not knowing exactly what I should be looking out for since I was never 'trained' in that aspect. I must say her book is no fluff! If you want clear, concise help in polishing your draft before letting the world see the daylights of your work, please do yourself a favour and use the very practical and useful advice shared in her book. Her well written book took away all the fog I once had about editing and it's quite a life saver for me!

Amazon customer