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Are you in the right place?

  • If you are thinking about writing a novel, maybe took part in NaNoWriMo, then, yes!
  • If you are a writer, half way through your novel, or nearly finished and flagging, or finished but exhausted with the prospect of editing all those words, then, yes!
  • If you write stories – and are frustrated because you’ve had enough rejection letters to paper a wall, then, yes!
  • If you are a writer of any hue, able to tell a good story but need help with grammar or punctuation, then, yes!


On the menu for you, are two options:

The ScrivenerVirgin blog is a journey of discovery: a step-by-step exploration of how Scrivener can change how a writer writes. To subscribe to this blog, click here.

RedPen is for writers who need to learn how to edit. Bite-sized snippets of advice on how to polish your words until they shine. Click here to learn more about how RedPen works.

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4 thoughts on “ScrivenerVirgin Blog

    1. Good to see you here, Donna. If you work through the early September blog posts, setting up your Scrivener project, and continue through the next four weeks, you’ll be read for NaNoWriMo on 1 November. Not long now!

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