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Hi! If you’re new to Scrivener, a virgin just like I was a while back, welcome!

Not a Scrivener virgin? You’re welcome too!!

Why am I here?

On the face of it, Scrivener might look too complicated, too much for you – just too much, even to contemplate.

That’s what most folk think, but – trust me – learning how to use Scrivener is worth your investment in time.

  • It will change how you plan projects, how you write, how you edit.
  • It will transform how you self-publish you work.

That’s why I’m here. To help you.

Where to start?

The blog serves to document my journey with Scrivener.

If you are starting out, go back to the first blog post ‘Ever felt Like Kicking Yourself?’ and follow my footsteps.

Using Scrivener already? Struggling with a particular feature?

Help is at hand. Check out the Index of Scrivener Posts. Topics are listed alphabetically – with links to all relevant blog posts.

If there’s a topic I’ve not covered and you need help, let me know.

Want to see a demo?

Book a Simply Scrivener Special.

Not sure why you might use Scrivener in the first place?

Read the guest blog posts. These writers all recommend Scrivener. Find out why – and their favourite features.


Check out the Recommendations page … lots of advice. All FREE!