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Hi! If you’re new to Scrivener, a virgin just like I was a while back, welcome!

Not a Scrivener virgin? You’re welcome too!!

Why am I here?

On the face of it, Scrivener might look too complicated, too much for you – just too much, even to contemplate. That’s what most folk think, but – trust me – learning how to use Scrivener is worth your investment in time.

  • It will change how you plan projects, how you write, how you edit.
  • It will transform how you self-publish you work.

That’s why I’m here. To help you.

Where to start?

The blog serves to document my journey with Scrivener.

  • If you are starting out, go back to the first blog post ‘Ever felt Like Kicking Yourself?’ and follow my footsteps.
  • And/or, if you have always used Word, Scrivener requires a change of mindset, so start here.
Using Scrivener already? Struggling with a particular feature?

Help is at hand. Check out the Index of Scrivener Posts.

  • Topics are listed alphabetically – with links to all relevant blog posts.
  • If there’s a topic I’ve not covered and you need help, let me know.
Want to see a demo?

Book a Simply Scrivener Special.

Not sure why you might use Scrivener in the first place?

Read the guest blog posts. These writers all recommend Scrivener. Find out why – and their favourite features.