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Updated: 8 August 2020

I normally email my list once a month or so with a summary of the news and advance notice of special offers. If you’d like to be one of the first in the know, click here.


You can now ‘hire’ me via Fiverr. Click here for details. NB you may need to register as a buyer …

Feedback opportunity for novelists

I’ve recently joined Joan Dempsey’s Gutsy Great Novelist Community.

Gutsy Great Novelist

I recommend all novelists join – it’s a great community for gutsy novelists!

RedPen Editing

Keen to start editing? The RedPen Editing courses restarted in March 2020 but you are not too late to join in.

  • Pruning
  • Balance
  • Dialogue
  • People, Places and Props – launch webinar 11 August – book here
  • Word Choices – launch webinar 22 September – book here
  • Punctuation – launch webinar 3 November – book here

Watch the recording of the RedPen Launch here.

I explain my RedPen Editing cycle as described in my book: Editing the RedPen Way: 10 steps to successful self-editing.

RedPen Mentoring

Space within the RedPen Mentoring group is limited.

  • We meet monthly online.
  • There’s a Facebook group where we discuss ‘stuff’ between times.
  • You can arrange to have additional one-on-one time with me according to your needs and budget.

If you think you need a mentor, for details of exactly what’s available, at what price, click here.

Dates for your diary

RedPen Write-Ins – daily opportunity to write/edit

Meet online for 60 minutes of writing Pomodoro style

2 x 25min writing slots + brief chat at start, middle and end

  • Monday to Friday 9am
  • Saturday/Sunday 10.30am

Additional times change from week to week: check here.

Simply Scrivener Specials

60 minutes Q&A with Anne Rainbow, ScrivenerVirgin at the Simply Scrivener Special webinar.

Fortnightly at 7pm on Tuesdays:

18 August; 1 , 15 and 29 September;

13 and 27 October, 10.and 24 November ..

If you can’t attend live, register anyway and you will be sent a link to the recording. Members of RedPen (free to join) have access to all previous recordings, dating back to January 2018.

Simply Scrivener Special


Links: in case you missed them …

In discussion with Jo Parfitt on 2 July

Using Scrivener for Memoir, Fiction and Non-Fiction: click here to see the recording.

In discussion with Jo Parfitt on 4 June

60 mins talking about Story Arcs and Themes in Fiction and Memoir – and answering questions. Hosted by Jo Parfitt.

To see the slides, click here. To watch the recording, click here.

In discussion with Jo Parfitt on 7 May

60 mins talking about editing – and Scrivener – and answering questions. Hosted by Jo Parfitt. Click here for the recording. 
Jo Parfitt recording

Scrivener 101

On 21 April, I spent an hour with Lisa Lepki (Director of Marketing at ProWritingAid) presenting my slides on how to get started in Scrivener, how to use Scrivener when editing/publishing, and answering questions.

Join the ProWritingAid Facebook group to view the recording.

Interviews on SoundArt radio

Christine Cooke and I visited Dartington to talk about Wednesday Writers with Dave Clarke ( on SoundArt radio . You can listen to that interview here.

Autumn 2019, I was interviewed by Dave Clarke and we talked about writers’ retreats. You can listen to that interview here.


Podcast interviews

Guest interview on JoinedUpWriting podcast #88 16 October 2018

Hanieh Vidmar interviewing me about how and when to write your book. Click here to listen.

Brace yourself for the very excited Marc Guberti interviewing me about NaNoWriMo! Click here to listen.

Guest interview on the JoinedUpWriting podcast.Joined Up Writing Podcast

Guest posts

A guest post on the NaNo blog. Click here.

A guest post on Dan Buri’s NothingAnyGood website.Dan Buri Guest Post