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RedPen Mentoring is the inner circle of RedPen.

Not sure if you need a mentor?

If you are mid-project, or about to embark on something new, and are looking for an accountability buddy, a mentor, a friend who will pull you through the tricky bits – then RedPen Mentoring might be for you.

All RedPen Mentoring is provided by me, Anne Rainbow. Not sure if I’d be the right mentor for you?

Book a free 30-minute call.

How much does it cost? What do you get for your money?

One-on-one sessions

At any time, you can purchase a one-on-one session and this costs £85. How does this work?

  • You complete a Catch-Up form to brief me ahead of our meeting. I will send you a link to this as soon as you book the hour.
  • We meet, just the two of us, via Zoom for a 60-minute discussion. You determine the time via Calendly and I send you the Zoom link as soon as you have picked a time.
  • After our session, I provide a link to the recording of our meeting.
  • Our subsequent discussion – I set you tasks! – is via a special private JUST US! Facebook group.

I release a limited number of these one-on-one sessions at the start of previous month. First come, first served … so secure yours quickly.

Manuscript review / editing

My focus is to work with the writer, not the manuscript. Simply put, I don’t have the time to take on editing of everyone’s manuscript. However, if it would help, I may be available to read all/part of your manuscript, in Scrivener, and to steer you, as a writer, in the right direction.

My hourly rate for read/review is £60/hour and I will complete a sample read to give an estimate of the cost of this service.


All prices are quoted in pounds sterling. Courses and one-on-one sessions can be purchased using credit cards or PayPal, using your own currency. RedPen subscriptions are by standing orders or bank transfer or, by arrangement, by PayPal.


A full refund is available if you decide, and notify in writing within 7 days of purchase, that the product/service is not for you. No quibble, full refund on request.