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Simply Scrivener SpecialSimply Scrivener Special webinars are free-to-attend events: 60 minutes of live Q&A on Scrivener topics of your choice.

The current series of fortnightly sessions started on 1 October and will continue fortnightly to 26 November. We meet online, Tuesdays at 7.30pm GMT.

Then, while I am in Australia (11 hours ahead of GMT), the sessions will continue fortnightly, but start at 8pm GMT.

No session on 24 December but I look forward to answering your Scrivener questions on these dates:

10 December; 7, 21 January; 4 February

Then, I’m back in the UK and we will decide whether to stick to 8-9pm, or go back to the earlier time of 7.30-8.30pm

Like to attend a Simply Scrivener Special webinar?

Click here to book on a future Simply Scrivener Special webinar. It costs nothing, apart from your time.

To help me to plan the content to match your requirements for webinars that you register to attend, please complete this questionnaire. Thank you!

NB: Recordings are available for members of RedPen plus those who register and participate in a particular session.