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Simply the best … editing experience

Overwhelmed by self-editing?

Struggling to find your own errors?

Need to polish your words until they shine?

RedPen is the home of writers wanting to polish their words ready for exposure to the world. RedPen Editing teaches writers how to self-edit and to enjoy the process.

Improving your editing skills can have a positive impact on your writing skills too. So, whether it’s grammar that defeats you, or editing itself which makes you shudder, become a RedPenner.

And, join me – to write or edit – online, at a RedPen Write-In. A daily commitment to your craft. One hour with two 25-minute burst of activity, among friends. Video optional!

Love writing but hate editing? Tired of rejection slips? Wondering how to improve your writing? Edit the RedPen Way! Kindle only £2.99.

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