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RedPen provides a pathway to successful self-editing.

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17 July Three topics: all about the Corkboard; the concept of global tasks (‘big picture’ and ‘devil in the detail’); editing tools – ProWritingAid, AutoCrit and Grammarly

10 July All about project templates and scriptwriting in particular

3 July For beginners, where to start, where to get help. For those already using Scrivener, how to improve your use of Scrivener. Strategies for success!

26 June Practical considerations: Software licence rules for Scrivener; Syncing … don’t – keep it simple and work to suit you physically and mentally; Backups

19 June  My MO (modus operandi) using various Scrivener features to write a novel, editing the first draft (as per recent blog posts) and then on to finished manuscript, ready for publication

12 June The ‘big’ picture – how it fits together (demo later in the recording); Formatting features that are provided in Word – also available in Scrivener; quickest way to learn Scrivener?

5 June Ouliner versus the Corkboard; Messaging – why use footnotes?; the Research folder


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