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RedPen provides a pathway to successful self-editing.

As a member of RedPen, you also have access to the recordings of recent Simply Scrivener Special webinars.


10 April After a slow start due to my Powerpoint crashing (so you can skip the first 2 mins), there is a full hour tackling four topics:

  • Setting up a TOC (table of contents) using Copy Special / Copy Documents as TOC – see this blog post too
  • Metadata: making best use of the Label
  • Compiling – the importance of setting up a Compile Preset – see this blog post too
  • Transferring a novel from Scrivener 2 on a Windows machine to Scrivener 3 on a Mac – using Import and Split

3 April A short session (20 mins) including a peak inside Scrivener courses that I’ve enrolled on.

27 March We discussed compiling generally, dragging images into a Scrivener project, creating a Table of Contents, and controlling page breaks. I explained what ‘levels’ mean in Scrivener 2: essential to look at the position of a document/folder in the Binder and the icons. I also showed how to export to Word, and to add line numbers to a Word document.

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