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My bag is packed and I’m almost ready to set off for a spot of RedPen Training with the Left Bank Writers Group.

What is Left Bank?

Most of us, on hearing the phrase Left Bank, will think of France and ‘rive gauche’. In days gone by, famous artists, writers and philosophers – like Collette, Erik Satie, Gertrude Stein, Henri Matisse, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald – met in this area of Paris, and talked …

If you live in Kingsbridge, in Devon (UK), then Left Bank mean something similar. It’s a place where artists, writers and philosophers – but mainly writers – meet under one roof, namely that of Harbour House, and discuss all manner of things related to their writing.

When is Left Bank?

The Left Bank Writers group meet for three hours on a Saturday morning. The dates for this term are: today, 11 March, 8 April, 13 May, 10 June. There is then a break for the summer and the meetings resume in the Autumn.

What’s happening today?

Today is a special Left Bank session, not least because we are meeting from 10am (our usual kick-off time) but working through until 3pm, with a break for lunch.

And … I will be explaining my RedPen Editing system to the score or so of writers who’ve booked to attend this workshop.

It’s too late for you to attend this workshop but, if you’re interested in joining the Left Bank Writers group, click here for more information.

RedPen Training Workshops

RedPen manIn 2016, all of my RedPen Training was via online webinars.

In 2017, there will be two options: online courses (to be released soon) and face-to-face workshops like the one I’m doing today with the Left Bank Writers group.

If your writing group would like to learn more about RedPen Editing, contact me and perhaps we can find a date in 2017 that works for us both.

And … Meet the Authors

In my RedPen Training workshop, I use as an example a 2000-word story written by short story writer and romantic novelist Patsy Collins.

If you would to meet us both, tomorrow, Sunday 12 February, 4-6pm at the Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove, telephone the hotel on 01548 561 555 to book yourself in for ‘tea’ – costs about £6.

Patsy and I will be answering questions on writing, self-editing, self-publishing and marketing. And eating cake!



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