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Software products

I use these products. They may or may not suit you – it depends on what you write, what you sell, and how you like to work. But, check them out?


I use Scrivener – rather than Word – for all my writing: novels, plays, blog posts, social media tips.


If you need help in identifying where your text needs attention, think about investing in the ProWritingAid software.

They also provide excellent FREE downloadable guides to writing and editing.

Look also at AutoCrit.


I use BlueHost for website hosting. BlueHost have regular special offers, and I announce them on Twitter.
Follow me on Twitter if you’d like advance warning of the next promotion.


Marketing software like Mailchimp is great for sending out regular newsletters. I use InfusionSoft because it offers additional features, allowing me to keep track of my contacts.


I’ve invested in Leadpages software which allows me to set up pages and boxes to use in my marketing campaigns. Their brand-new Marketing Library has over 200 resources. Go check it out!