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How one character refers to another can indicate the relationship betwee the two.

  • A mother chastising a daughter might refer to her by her full name: Jennifer.
  • Her schoolfriends might call her Jenny.
  • Jenny’s best friend might call her Jen.

Pecking order can also be established:

  • Server and served can be identified, with the serving character calling the customer Sir or Ma’am.
  • Age differences can also be established, with an older person calling a younger one ‘lad’ or ‘lassie’.
  • Friends might call each other ‘mate’.

There are lots of terms of endearment to show a special relationship between two people. This website lists about 200 of them!

Nicknames might also be appropriate. for example, anyone with the surname Smith might be called Smudger. Indeed, the Forces are renowned for assigning nicknames to new recruits. Check out lots of examples here.

Wikipedia lists nicknames applied to famous people, places and things here.