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Anna K PayneAnna K Payne was my guest in October 2017.

A fellow member of Self-Publishing School, Anna is the author of the Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook.Anna K Payne Planted Flowers Workbook

The My Planted Flowers series to follow six women as they join a Bible study together, renew their relationship with God, face danger, and meet the men of their dreams. The Workbook is the book the women use in the series.

Anna’s passion and vision is to inspire hope, encourage others, love richly, and listen well through the strength of Jesus Christ. She seeks to inspire and encourage through her devotionals and cozy mysteries as well as aiding her family of writers publish their own books.

Anna likes to study the art of writing, learning to edit her own work, and exploring the creation of an author platform. When she isn’t at the computer writing or editing she is discussing plots with any one of her children – including her talented son-in-law. She has been discovered asking the advice of her cats. “They have good ideas,” she says. The world around her offers a variety of sinister plots even if it is just someone waiting for the bus.

You can contact Anna by email at or on Facebook at or Twitter at

She has a website at and a series website at