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Denise BrixeyDenise Brixey was my guest in April 2020.

Denise has been a member of my RedPen Mentoring team of writers for several years. I’ve encouraged her throughout her publishing journey and her guest post was in celebration of the publication of  her second book in the Harry The Wonder Cat series: The Jamaican Mission.

Denise Brixey grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, where she studied writing. During her many years of living in a big city from birth into adulthood, she had more than her share of challenges.

When she move to a small town in the Gold Country, Denise volunteered at a cat rescue. She soon discovered that, while she was working to save them, it was she who was magically being rescued by the cats!

Harry the Wonder Cat series

Harry, the Wonder Cat, is no ordinary cat. Two centuries ago, he was tasked with caring for the Johnson family, helping them through life’s ups and downs. There are currently two books in this series.

Book 1 is The Legend of the Pink Diamond.

Harry and his gang solve a murder mystery.

A pink diamond, one of the most precious stones in the world, is priceless and treasured for its beauty and rarity. The legend is a fantastical story passed down through generations of Johnsons and well known by the townspeople of Harrot Reef.

But is it just a story? Harry’s magical powers help to unravel the mystery behind the Legend of The Pink Diamond.

Book 2 is The Jamaican Mission.

Harry is back in action after receiving another special assignment from the Cat King. He has been tasked with finding out who killed Marianne Johnson in 1929. At that time, Marianne had just gotten married in Jamaica to Nikki’s Great Uncle Frank, Harry’s then charge in the line of the Johnson family.

Using his powers, and the cunning of his cat gang, he convinces his guardian, Nikki, and her friend, Heather, to vacation in Jamaica. Once there, Harry rounds up some Jamaican cats – and even a dog gets involved – to help him to solve the mystery. The leader of the beach cat gang is a beautiful petite cat named Luna, who may be the solution to more than one mystery.

How to contact Denise Brixey

Denise has a Facebook page:

And there is a group for Harry and his gang:

You can also contact Denise Brixey by email or Harry, via the website.