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Here are the links to an almost daily dose of simple sensible suggestions on how to make the most of your day – make the most of your life!

From ScrivenerVirgin / RedPen Mentor, Anne Rainbow


Hello stranger!

Next series of SSS starting tomorrow

EDITING The RedPen Way. Starting at 2pm GMT – in about 30 minutes. 

RedPen Launch starting in 15 minutes. Join me! 

Launch of RedPen this evening!

RedPen Launch – Monday 19 March

Voted in the top five videoed interviews – mine to be available again on Friday.

Ready to edit? RedPen – doors opening soon!

Simply Scrivener Special – tonight 7.30pm my time

New shelves!

It’s Tuesday: so it’s Simply Scrivener Special time – 7.30pm GMT

Simply Scrivener Special this evening – 7.30pm GMT. Lots of Qs and lots of As! …

Confused about terminology?

It’s Tuesday!

Been poorly? Prioritise, pace yourself, and be prepared to apologise …

Coping with information overload after a break from work …

Simply Scrivener Special webinar. This evening (7.30pm GMT)

Wishing all ScrivenerVirgin followers the best for 2018

Last SSS session of 2017!

Today’s simple sensible suggestion: count down to Christmas with care

NaNoWriMo – TGIO!

Hooray! 50K makes me a NaNoWriMo winner …

Time to talk about Scrivener 3!

Who’s in need of a pep talk? Everyone!

How much is your success worth to you, in money terms?

More or less? Tweaking for greater success.

Halloween? No, it’s the day before NaNo2017

If you could turn back time?

Keeping focus on the task in hand

I can. Can you?

Two weeks to NaNo 2017

Pace yourself!

Have you tried themed days?


Don’t set yourself up to fail!

Why? Why? Why!

Visualising the end before you set off

Surprise yourself. Surprise others!

Off to Oxford: for tomorrow’s Literary Lunch with Clare Mackintosh, author of I SEE YOU

What’s so special about 5.13?

How far ahead should you plan?

How to avoid teething problems

Making your week last longer

What’s RedPen Mentoring all about?

Do you hate Mondays?

Contact strategy: awareness, engagement, fulfilment, amazement, recommendation …

How to take a holiday?

Listen to me? Listen to you! Take 2!!

Everything takes time. Give your ideas time to evolve?

Making the most of the full moon

Surround yourself with beauty

When in Rome

All’s well that ends?

Arts or Science? Left or right brain?

Travel broadens the mind?

En vacance, en France

Delphiniums blue and geraniums red?

Great to go travelling?

Me time versus our time versus no time

Backing up

Visual clues

Plan B?

It’s NOT all in the planning!

It’s all in the planning?

Each to their own?

The morning routine – starts the night before!

You are the captain of your ship?

Birthdays …

Colour me purple

Don’t be a victim of circumstance!

Learn something new every day.

Flexibility – essential for day-to-day survival

Do the right things and do them in the right order.