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Jerry Nelson was my guest in January 2020.

A content provider, freelance writer and published author, Jerry hails from Washington, DC and has travelled to, and worked in, 155 countries. As an American freelance writer, he now lives the expat life in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his wife Alejandra, their cat Tommy and a half-crazed street rescue dog, Revi.

Like many of my guests, we’ve not met face to face (yet). Instead, our paths cross online – in particular, as members the Scrivener Users Facebook group. Jerry is also one of my contacts on LinkedIn.

One of his recent pieces, a beautiful story entitled ‘Mom Visited Me Last Night‘, was accepted for publication on the Literally Literature section of the Medium website.

Jerry also has a great sense of humour – check out his ‘ad’ on LinkedIn.

Jerry has written for many publications, both online and in print, including the Washington Post, CNN, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

His book The Rainbow Family Murders is based on the true story of a double murder in the backwaters of West Virginia.


How to contact Jerry Nelson


Twitter: @Journey_America