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Skills needed

 Marketing is not a popular occupation for a writer. However, it needs to be done if you are looking for sales. There are a number of skills needed to become a successful marketer of your products:


Creating your brand – identifying who you are (your USP = unique selling point) and what you have to offer to the world

Growing your audience – putting yourself out there and attraction attention

Advertising your wares – that means writing copy

Keeping track of your prospects and clients


When I started out, I had no marketing skills. These are the guys I listened to.


If you need to ‘grow your audience’, Nick Stephenson and his course to find your first 10K readers is a good starting point.


When you embark on marketing and have to learn the art of copywriting, Ray Edwards is your man.

Ray’s Copywriting Academy offers free training on how to write attention catching copy for your email subject lines, and Twitter and Facebook.


I use InfusionSoft for my marketing automation and rely on the expertise of Greg Hickman and the team at for guidance on how to set up my marketing campaigns and how to focus on the customer experience. I’m still learning!