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Because you’re worth it!

You have three options for investing in yourself:

  • RedPen Editing
  • RedPen Training
  • RedPen Mentoring

Progression through these three levels of membership provides your RedPen Path.

Ready to start? Click here to apply to join RedPen Editing.

For those with some editing experience already, or who want to make progress quickly, more information about RedPen Training and RedPen Mentoring are available by clicking on the Tell me more buttons below.

RedPen Editing

Overwhelmed by self-editing? Struggling to find your own errors? Need to polish your words until they shine? For £10/month, RedPen Editing teaches writers how to self-edit and to enjoy the process.

RedPen Training

For writers with larger projects, RedPen Training provides all the content offered with RedPen Editing plus online self-editing courses tackling trickier 'big picture' topics like 'Show, don’t tell' and 'Point of view'.

RedPen Mentoring

You have a goal. You can see the finish line. You need a nag buddy? RedPen Mentoring provides individualised one-on-one coaching. The winning combination: you and your mentor.