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Editing your own work is impossible?

It’s true. It’s difficult to view your own writing as a reader – someone who was not part of the creation process, someone who has fresh eyes and expectations of a good read.

You could ask a friend, someone in the family, a neighbour. Odds are they will say positive things about how they admire your talent. Maybe some will be critical and that might hurt.

The important question is: What do they know about writing? Can they offer criticism that will help you to improve on what you’ve written so far?

Don’t panic!RedPen man

Rainbowmaker’s proven editing
process – in its tenth year – is available to you.

It’s simple. You present a piece of writing for review. Rainbowmaker reads your words and then sets you three editing tasks, specific to your piece.

Why three tasks?

Most writers can cope with three (constructive) stabs at what they thought was a work of art. Any more and their spirits sag. Any less and there’s not enough to think about during the next editing stage.

Then what?

You edit as best you can. If you want more help,  come back for three more tasks. And you re-edit, and Rainbowmaker sets more tasks and you re-edit …


At some point, if you persevere, there will come a time when Rainbowmaker can’t think of three more tasks to set you. Your writing shines!

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