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Rosemary Kind (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirginRosemary Kind was my guest in May 2017.

Rosemary set up the short story download site Alfie Dog Fiction, providing an opportunity for authors to submit their work for publication, and for readers to enjoy an affordable short story online.

There are also a number of short story collections, published by Alfie Dog Fiction.

Rosemary co-wrote From Story Idea to Reader with Patsy Collins, the short story writer and novelist whose ‘Family Recipe’ story I use for one of my RedPen Editing ‘Proof of the Pudding’ workshops.From Story Idea - guest posts

Patsy doesn’t use Scrivener for her writing, but Rosemary does, so I’ve invited Rosemary to share her reasons with us.

Rosemary and Patsy also combined forces with two other short story writers, Sheila Crosby and Lynne Pardoe, and published Are We Nearly Famous?.In her name only, Rosemary has published Part I of The Blight and the Blarney, a historical fiction.

Plus New York Autumn.

You can see all of Rosemary’s books here.

Rosemary writes because she has to. You could take almost anything away from her except her pen and paper.

Failing to stop after the book that everyone has in them, she has gone on to publish books in both non-fiction and fiction, the latter including novels, humour, short stories and poetry.

She also regularly produces magazine articles in a number of areas and writes regularly for the dog press. Check out her website and blog, and find her on Facebook.