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Writer, blogger, owner-of-five-dogs, Sara Martin was my guest in February 2020.

She was promoting her book  Conversations with Nell: The Discerning World of a Wise and Witty Labrador which was to be published on 28 April 2020, but was then available on pre-order.

Book cover: Conversations with Nell

The book is based on her series of Conversations with Nell (her wise and loyal Labrador) which has entertained her readers since 9 March 2016. These now daily conversations have blossomed into a compelling ‘soap’ with 22,000 followers on the Facebook page. You can also see them on Sara’s website.

Whether as a radio presenter, subtitler, teacher, voiceover artist, mother, or author, words have always been a part of Sara’s life. Talking to her animals comes naturally to her, only now we can listen too!