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Today – at noon – I’m hosting my first Simply Scrivener Special.

So excited. I decided I needed to tidy up … do a bit of spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning!

The Index of Scrivener postings has been updated … and I’ve moved this page so it’s under ‘Scrivener blog‘ on the menu bar.

That’s where you’ll also find a new page listing the guests to date. I have a few more in the pipeline, all advocates of Scrivener and/or published writers who have been through the Red Pen process.

If you have used Scrivener to write/edit your novel or any other published material and would like to feature on this blog, contact me!

Then, if you take a peek at my Recommendations page, you’ll find I’ve added a load more information. Check out these guys (and gals).

Patsy CollinsPatsy CollinsCroppedResized
If you are in need of motivation, in the form of deadlines, Amazon best-selling short story writer and novelist Patsy Collins provides links for upcoming free-to-enter writing competitions and also blogs about the womag market.

Pro Writing Aid
If you need help in identifying where your text needs attention, think about investing in this software. It’s now available to use with Scrivener, albeit at the beta testing stage!

They also have a great blog and provide excellent FREE downloadable guides to writing and editing such as this one.ProWriting eBook

This software allows me to set up pages and boxes to use in my marketing campaigns. Their brand-new Marketing Library has over 200 resources. Go check it out?

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