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With Scrivener, you could be marketing YOU (Marketing ME) | ScrivenerVirgin

I use Scrivener for all my writing projects and one of those projects is called Marketing ME.

Marketing ME – with Scrivener

Here’s what the binder in my Marketing ME project looks like today, and yes, there is a typo … can you spot it?

Marketing ME

You can see that Scrivener provides an ideal opportunity to keep track of all my efforts to market myself and my various products.

How do I use the Marketing ME project file?

It’s not just a store for what I’ve done to date on the marketing front.

Every time someone writes to me, approaching me to take part in an event, they ask for my bio – something they can use to describe me to their audience.

Rather than rewriting this from scratch, I refer back to how I’ve portrayed myself in similar circumstances for other opportunities.

Marketing ME bio examples

Notice the use of the split screen. I explained how to use this in a recent blog post.

Writing to a word count

Quite often, I’ll be asked to provide a brief bio – and a word count is imposed. In this case, I review the most recent bios, and select one which has the highest word count. I put that one in the left editing pane. Then I copy it to the right editing pane and start pruning. I keep going until the word count is down to what I need.

Notice in the screen grab above, at the very bottom of each editing pane, the word count is displayed.

After the published bio for my recent podcast interview with Joined Up Writing was 86 words.

The bio I’ve submitted to the Erewash Writers’ Group is 217 words long.  Then, I will copy and paste a copy of whatever is published into this Scrivener file in due course – so I have a record of it of the final version is up to their editor. And this might prove useful if any other organisation asks me to judge a competition for them.

Watch the podcast!

Marekting ME podcast linkThis was my first experience being interviewed for a podcast. Click here to watch it for yourself.

In preparation for the interview, Wayne sent me a list of questions that he might ask.

I read each one and wrote notes on what I might say.

It’ll be no surprise to hear that these notes reside in the Marketing ME project file.

Marketing ME notes for podcast

In the event, Wayne and Leah made me feel very welcome, so it was easy to relax and focus on answering their questions. At no time did I find myself having to read from my script!

Erewash Writers’ Group annual competition

It’s a great honour to be asked to be the judge for this short story competition. It’s not open for entries yet, but I will post here a link as soon as their webpage goes live.

Marketing YOU with Scrivener

Let me know how you use Scrivener for your marketing. You could find yourself the focus of a guest blog!

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  • Maria

    12 April 2017 at 23:39

    I really like the idea of Marketing ME, and can see the benefit of setting something similar up for myself. Excellent way of having several versions of your bio to hand too.
    Presently I have little to say, however, it’s never to early to start is it?

    P.S. Did you enjoy your Cottage Weeknd with Patsy?

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