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Karl Melby (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirgin

Karl Melby: A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirginToday’s guest is Karl Melby.

A fellow member of Self-Publishing School, Karl is the author of the mouth-watering book: A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream.

Like me, Karl uses Scrivener. Why?

Scrivener has turned my life around. I now have all my ideas collected in one place, in an easily accessible way.

In just one separate Scrivener project file, all my ideas are noted. I have my categories, as chapters in a book – and the actual ideas as paragraphs in a book.

Whenever a new idea comes along, that Scrivener project is opened and into the file the new idea goes. So easy to recollect in different ways, too.

What about your books?

The books I am writing at the moment, they all started in the ideas project file. Now, each has its own project file – and it is so easy to build and change the structure of each book. Outlining the chapters and paragraphs, it’s very simple, and then I just start writing.

What feature of Scrivener, in particular, do you find most useful?

The wordcount functionality gives me extra help in building sufficient content on each paragraph and chapter. I decide how many words I’d like to have in each and every paragraph, and then start writing, and keep writing until I have the amount of content I planned.

Any other features?

Scrivener has a lot of features that I still have not used fully, like the built-in formatting function for sharing your content with the outer world in so many different ways.

So, you’d recommend Scrivener to other writers?

For me, Scrivener has been a great help and I definitely recommend other writers taking a look at it. It was of invaluable help to do a course on how to use it effectively. That was worth the cost. Plus, of course, your ScrivenerVirgin blog posts!

More about Karl Melby

Karl Melby: A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirginKarl Melby has his formal education and experience within Economics. The interest for numbers, finding a common playground with children and the love for ice cream has led him on the journey writing his book A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream.

More about Karl’s book

Karl’s delicious book asks the reader: Is it really possible to make something as simple as vanilla ice cream in so many different ways?

His answer is: Yes! Read and see for yourself!

Karl Melby says: In my research, I have scrutinized ice cream book after ice cream book. I have tested recipe after recipe. I have tried out various methods and procedures. Test panels consisting of my friends and family have been subjected to new and enjoyable varieties. Friends of my friends and my children’s friends have tasted countless homemade ice creams, and they have reacted with much joy and excitement.

And, are there a million recipes in your book, Karl?

In making ice cream, there are six factors to take into account: starting base, thickener, sweetener, flavor, mixing and freezing.

Karl Melby: A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirgin

10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 1 million. So, there is a million ways to make vanilla ice-cream.

In this book, I  share 30 recipes which I have tested. I also show you how you can make vanilla ice cream in those 1 million different ways so you can find your own favorite one or two.

All the ingredients in the book are included in one or more of my 30 tested recipes and are relevant to making the ones that you will love.

This matrix – and this book – are unique and, if you like ice cream, you’ll love this book.

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