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Happy Boxing Day!

If you were lucky enough to receive money for Christmas, you might be thinking about investing in yourself.

Three suggestions …

SUGGESTION ONE: Invest in an online course

Udemy is having a Boxing Day Sale. There are loads of cut-price courses to choose from. Home page 728x90

SUGGESTION TWO: Invest in a weekend-away coursePatsy Collins (Guest Blog) | ScrivenerVirgin

Join Patsy Collins and me at the Hope Cove Writers’ Weekend 9-11 March 2018.

  • New to writing?
  • Wanting to write short fiction stories for the women’s magazine market?
  • Just had a break from writing and needing a kickstart?
  • A non-fiction writer looking to move into fiction writing?

Escape to Devon for 48 hours of writerly fun.

  • Writing, writing, writing!
  • Creating story ideas
  • Inventing characters
  • Creating realistic dialogue
  • Writing for a target reader
  • Writing to a word count
  • Editing
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Marketing yourself and your writing

Tuition costs £120, and the Cottage Hotel are offering special DBB rates for those who choose the residential option. Click here for more details.

SUGGESTION THREE: Invest in a book …

There’s £2 off on my EDITING The RedPen Way: 10 steps to successful self-editing for the 12 days of Christmas. Only 99p!

The ScrivenerVirgin blog is a journey of discovery:
a step-by-step exploration of how Scrivener can change how a writer writes.
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Also … check out the Scrivener and RedPen Editing Tips
on my ScrivenerVirgin Facebook page.

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