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Words that sound the same but are spelt differently are called homophones.

If you use the wrong spelling for a homophone, your mistake will not be picked up by a spell checker. Instead,  you’ll need to be aware of these possible errors during the editing of your piece.

The most common mistakes can be the hardest to spot!

to / too / two

  • to = proposition expressing direction of motion (eg to the publisher) or infinitive marker (eg to write)
  • too = adverb meaning also (eg editing is difficult too) or to a higher degree than necessary (eg editing is too difficult)
  • two = cardinal number after one

there / their / they’re

  • there = a pronoun for a place (eg it’s there, on the table)
  • their = a pronoun showing possession (eg the party is at their house)
  • they’re = contraction of they are (e.g. they’re throwing a party)

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Your turn! 

For each of these groups of homophones, check that you know what each word means, so that you can use the correct version in your writing.

aloud / allowed    bare / bear    coarse / course    draw / drawer

fare/ fair    grate / great     hole / whole    idle / idol

leant / lent    male / mail   no / know    piece / peace

right / write / rite     site / sight     through / threw    weather / whether