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I love having guest posts on my blog!

This page introduces the writers who have featured to date.

If you have used Scrivener to write/edit your novel or any other published material, and would like a guest blog spot, please contact me via email or Facebook.

I am currently scheduling guest blog posts for 2019 and into 2020.

Wayne Kelly

Wayne Kelly (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirgin

Wayne Kelly was my guest in October 2018 when he explained how he uses Scrivener for scriptwriting.

Wayne is the host of The Joined Up Writing Podcast, a regular show featuring interviews with authors giving you hints and tips and sharing their stories on how and why they write.

A writer, editor and producer for production company, MGL Media, Wayne blogs at, where he shares his own writing journey as he works towards publication of his debut novel, Safe Hands.

You can also find Wayne on Twitter.

Lauren Lee Merewether

Lauren Lee Merewether: Salvation in the Sun (Guestpost) | ScrivenerVirgin

Lauren Lee Merewether was my guest in May 2018, celebrating the publication of her second book Salvation in the Sun, which is the first book in the series, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles.

Her first book, Blood of Toma received a finalist designation for the Montaigne Medal awarded to the most thought-provoking novel as a part of the Eric Hoffer Award. It also won one of five Finalists spots for the Next Generation Indie Book Award in Historical Fiction.

Lauren is a young adult historical fiction author who loves to dive into history and find overlooked, under-appreciated and relatively unknown tidbits of our past. She then crafts engaging stories for her readers, with characters who love and lose, fight wrong with right, and hope in times of despair.

Lauren resides with her husband, Mark, in Texas. They are expecting their first child this year and couldn’t be happier!

You can contact Lauren via her website, or on Facebook or Twitter. She also has Facebook pages for her books: Blood of Toma and Lost Pharaoh Chronicles.

Phil Hurst

Phil Hurst was my guest in March 2018, celebrating the launch of his first book: The Unjudged.

He is a British author, specialising in science-fiction. His first book, The Unjudged, is available on Amazon. He is currently working on a second novel, due out in 2018.

He has a masters in Creative Writing from Queens University Belfast (2011).

As well as his books, Phil has seen his plays performed at the Camden Fringe Festival (London) and by the Orpen Players (Colchester).

Phil also runs a blog dedicated to helping writers be more productive and manage their time: WriteWithPhil.

Alinka Rutowska

Alinka Rutowska (Guest Blog) | ScrivenerVirgin

Alinka Rutowska: Supreme Leadership (Guestpost) | ScrivenerVirginAlinka Rutkowska was my guest in January 2018, celebrating the launch of her latest book: Supreme Leadership.

Almost a year previous, in February 2017, we discussed her 5-Figure Author Challenge summit (15-19 March) and her Author Remake course. Before that, Alinka was my guest in March 2016, when her first novel, The Descendant, was published under her penname, Ally Capraro.

Alinka Rutkowska is a multi-award-winning and #1 international best-selling author and coach. She is the CEO of LibraryBub – the first service, which connects indie authors with libraries. She’s been featured on Fox Business Network, Author Marketing Club, The Author Hangout, Examiner, She Knows, She Writes, Blog Talk Radio, The Writer’s Life and many more.

Click here for a free copy of Alinka’s ebook: How I Sold 80,000 Books.

You can also download my 7 Secrets to Self-Publishing in 2017.

Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins (Guest Blog) | ScrivenerVirgin

Patsy is a frequent guest on my blog. We’ve been nag buddies for a long long time, and have worked together on workshops for RedPen. Our most recent event was a residential writers’ weekend workshop at the Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove, in March 2018. Our next one will be at the same venue in Spring 2019. Click here for more details.

Patsy’s first guest appearance on my blog was way back in October 2015. She’d just published her first romantic novel: Firestarter!. Patsy was my guest again in April 2016 and once more, in November 2016. In October 2017, Patsy described how she researches her novels – on location. She popped in again in January 2018 to discuss New Year’s Resolutions.

Patsy Collins is a novelist and short story writer. More than 400 of her short stories have been published, many of them in magazines in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Australia and South Africa. 

Some of her short stories are also available as collections: No Family Secrets, Not a Drop to Drink, Over the Garden FenceThrough the Garden GateUp the Garden PathAll That Love Stuff and  Slightly Spooky Stories. Her most recent publication (April 2018) is Love and Kisses.

Patsy’s stories also appear in collections with other authors. For example: Noirville, Tales from the Darker Side.

For those enjoy a longer story, Patsy has written five novels: Firestarter, Escape To The Country, Paint Me A Picture,  A Year And A Day and Leave Nothing but Footprints.

From Story IdeaShe’s also co-written From Story Idea To Readera non-fiction book about writing, published in November 2016.

Her co-author, Rosemary Kind, is an experienced writer / editor / publisher, so the pair of them make an excellent team.

I reviewed this book on Amazon and can recommend it to you.

Erin Mcintyre

Erin McIntrye, author of the Red King Trilogy, was my guest in October 2017.

She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and lives in Nebraska where she works as a Pediatric Cancer research lab manager.

Erin’s first novel, The Phantom of Faerie Mountain won 1st place in YA Fiction for the 2016 Purple Dragonfly awards and Silver placement for YA Mystery in the 2016 Readers’ Favourite awards.

When not daydreaming of magic, mystery, and mischievous characters, Erin enjoys gardening and spending time with her two senior Italian greyhounds and her newly rescued greyhound, Cricket.

Erin is on Facebook at, Twitter at and she also has a website:

Kay Kukoyi

Kay Kukoyi (Guest Blog) | ScrivenerVirgin

Kay Kukoyi was my guest in January 2017, June 2017 and then again in October 2017.

Kay has spent over a decade as a software delivery specialist, including mobile apps, web apps and websites.  She has a passion for translating ideas into professional software used by businesses and consumers worldwide.

Kay published two books in January and a third in June, and her fourth in October!

  • Don’t Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book is a handbook for tech entrepreneurs (from idea, to build, to product launch and everything in between).
  • Develop Your Idea is a book for entrepreneurs with step-by-step exercises for safely researching and testing out new business ventures.
  • Her third book, Don’t Buy Software For Your Small Business Until You Read This Book is available here.
  • Kay’s fourth book, Entrepreneurial Espresso, includes in chapter (6) an interview with me … as one of six ‘entrepreneurs’ who share their secrets. This book was then republished in May 2018 as Techpreneurs Interviews and mine was Chapter 7.
Dont Hire A Software Developer - guest posts
Develop Your Idea - guest posts
Kay Kukoyi | Book 3 | ScrivenerVirgin
Kay Kukoyi: Entrepreneurial Espresso | ScrivenerVirgin

Having set up several business ventures, Kay understands exactly what it is like to start businesses from scratch with limited time and on a budget. With a diverse background in sales, business analysis, performance coaching, consulting and market research, Kay aims to demystify key topics and to help readers to gain clarity so that they can achieve their personal goals.

Check out Kay’s website here.

Anna K Payne

Anna K Payne

Anna K Payne Planted Flowers WorkbookAnna K Payne was my guest in October 2017.

A fellow member of Self-Publishing School, Anna is the author of the Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook.

The My Planted Flowers series to follow six women as they join a Bible study together, renew their relationship with God, face danger, and meet the men of their dreams. The Workbook is the book the women use in the series.

Anna’s passion and vision is to inspire hope, encourage others, love richly, and listen well through the strength of Jesus Christ. She seeks to inspire and encourage through her devotionals and cozy mysteries as well as aiding her family of writers publish their own books.

Anna likes to study the art of writing, learning to edit her own work, and exploring the creation of an author platform. When she isn’t at the computer writing or editing she is discussing plots with any one of her children – including her talented son-in-law. She has been discovered asking the advice of her cats. “They have good ideas,” she says. The world around her offers a variety of sinister plots even if it is just someone waiting for the bus.

You can contact Anna by email at or on Facebook at or Twitter at

She has a website at and a series website at

Tad Frizzell

Tad Frizzell was my guest in September 2017.

A fellow member of Self-Publishing School, Tad is the author of Letters to a Perfectionist. Having always been a perfectionist myself, Tad’s 22 letters provide much food for thought.

Tad has had an unusual life, filled with mountains, monasteries, and travels in foreign lands. He shares his journey to date on his website:

You can also contact Tad on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

Megan Wagner

Megan Wagner

Megan Wagner: Fighting FIRED with Fire (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirginMegan Wagner was my guest in August 2017.

A fellow member of Self-Publishing School, Megan is the author of Fighting FIRED with Fire: A Guide to Coping with Job Loss, Rising from the Ashes and Igniting a Career You Love. An inspiring text, this book is written from Megan’s direct experience.

Megan’s received a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing from Indiana State University and a M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Bonaventure University. Along with putting her marketing knowledge into everyday practice, Megan also shares her talents with up and coming professionals as an adjunct professor at St. Bonaventure University.

Born and raised in southwestern Indiana, Megan’s also a painter, blogger and photographer. She resides in Upstate New York with her husband, Ben, and dog, Sammy.

To discover even more about Megan, please visit her website. There’s also a free-to-download Vision for Your Life worksheet available.

Karl Melby

Karl Melby (Guest Post) | ScrivenerVirgin

Melby icecream book coverKarl Melby was my guest in July 2017. A fellow member of Self-Publishing School, he is the author of the mouth-watering book: A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream.

Karl has his formal education and experience within Economics. The interest for numbers, finding a common playground with children and the love for ice cream has led him on the journey writing his book A Million Ways to Make Vanilla Ice Cream.

Karl’s delicious book asks the reader: Is it really possible to make something as simple as vanilla ice cream in so many different ways?

His answer is: Yes! Read and see for yourself!

I’ve read and reviewed Karl’s book, and this is what I wrote on Amazon: Quite apart from my love of ice cream, as a Mathematician myself, I was drawn to the concept that 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 1 million. So, with the six factors – starting base, thickener, sweetener, flavour, mixing and freezing – each having 10 options, there really are a million ways to make vanilla ice cream. Karl is clearly passionate about ice cream – and his book caters for all tastes and dietary preferences. After explaining all the choices open to the reader, his 30 recipes demonstrate how various combinations produce a delicious dessert. My favourite is the Vanilla Ice Cream with Mascarpone – it is amazing.

Check out Karl’s Facebook page here.

Lee Fox-Smith

Lee Fox-Smith | ScrivenerVirgin

Lee Fox-Smith was my guest in March 2017. Lee and his family travel the world, and he is Co-Founder of Epic Animal QuestLee Fox-Smith

Epic Animal Quest is a social enterprise that works with animal shelters and sanctuaries around the world raising awareness, improving marketing, raising money, and working hands on with animals in need.

Lee Fox-Smith VeganLee’s new book,  The Vegan Argument: Why There Really Is An Answer For Everything, is all about answering the questions, myths, and arguments against Veganism. It argues that Veganism is the best option for the animals, our health, and the future of our planet.

Steve Shipley

Steve Shipley Scrivener on the go Scrivener for iOS

Steve Shipley, my guest in March 2017, is a writer, publisher, Scrivener trainer and author of the Udemy course Scrivener for iOS. (For my readers, if you click the link you will get 70% off the price of the course; this offer is valid until the end of April.)

Scrivener for iOS courseSteve has been a Scrivener fan for many years now. As an early beta tester for Scrivener for iOS, he saw how to use it similarly and differently from the desktop versions.

Steve wanted to make sure people were comfortable using Scrivener on their iPads and iPhones, so he created his two-hour training course on how to get the most out of it, regardless if we only use Scrivener for iOS or also use it in conjunction with a desktop version. (He spends 80% of his time with Scrivener on his iPad, 10% on his iPhone and the remaining 10% still on his desktop.)

Steve has written two books and scriptwriting stage plays, all using Scrivener. Wine Sense, co-written with Deanna Lang is available as a paperback or as a Kindle version.

You can find Steve Shipley on Twitter as @shipleyaust.

Steve is also online with his website for InkIT Publishing, as InkIT Publishing on Facebook, and as @inkitpub on Twitter.

Courtney Kenney

Courtney Kenney | ScrivenerVirgin

Courtney Kenney, my guest in March 2017, uses Scrivener for nearly all of her writing, not just writing books: capturing random ideas, for her blog posts and email newsletters.

Courtney KenneyCourtney Kenney was a project manager for 16 years at technology companies, Motorola and Workday. She left corporate life behind in 2016 and started her own business as a book launch consultant. She’s currently managing a launch for a NY Times bestselling author.

Courtney Kenney is the author of four books including Layoff Reboot: Bounce Back from Job Loss and Find a Career You Love, Unleash Your Author: Write a Book in 30 Days, and 7 Step Book Launch Plan: Strategies to Publish and Promote Your Book.

Her latest, Creating Space to Thrive: Get Unstuck, Reboot Your Creativity and Change Your Life was on special offer at the time her blog post.

Later this year, she will release her first science-fiction novel.

You can find Courtney Kenney through her website at, and via her Amazon author page.

Linda Lindquist

Linda Lindquist was my guest in February 2017.

Linda, a Certified Malware Removal Specialist, has been in the computer industry working for Fortune 500 companies since 1969.  In 2007, she started a small business servicing computers for senior citizens. 98% had malware!  Her goal is to make and keep computers healthy again.

Linda and I are fellow students at the Self Publishing School, and her book KEEPING YOUR COMPUTER HEALTHY was launched on 6 February and was then free to download for five days.
Linda’s book covers four main topics of concern to computer users:
  • How to find out whether your computer is infected
  • How the cyber-criminals get in
  • How to remove the malware infections
  • How to keep your computer healthy

Rachel Hobbs

Rachel Hobbs (Guest Blog) | ScrivenerVirgin

Rachel, my guest in October 2016, is the author of ebooks Bite-Sized Fiction For Busy People and up-and-coming Tall Tales For Humdrum Days.

She’s also recently published her new journal:
Get Organised! An Idea Tracker For Writers.

During the day, Rachel works as a full-time dental nurse at a small local practice in a little Welsh village in South West Wales. In her spare time, Rachel writes, and she uses Scrivener!

You can find out more about Rachel and keep up to date with all her latest news on her website where she also maintains a bi-weekly blog on writing tips and advice.

Rachel’s flash fiction collection, Bite-Size Fiction For Busy People can be downloaded for free on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Lulu.

Donna D Vaal

Dee, the author of The Living Miracle – A Love Story, was my guest in late April 2016.

For more information about Donna, check out her website and blog. You can also find her on Facebook, as Donna D Vaal on Pinterest, #dvaal1 on Twitter and Donna D. Vaal or Dee Vaal on LinkedIn.