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RedPen Editing: Word Choices


Each of us has a unique vocabulary: a set of words that are familiar to us, and that we use with confidence.

While you are writing, at speed, words might tumble onto your page or into your keyboard. They might not be consciously chosen. Rather, they indicate your unconscious (or maybe subconscious) selection of words from your vocabulary.

The more careful you are in your choice of words, though, the more likely you are to have the desired effect on your reader.

6 lessons + 30 topics



In this course, I recommend you don’t dwell on your choice of words while you’re writing.

  • Even if you ‘know’ you’ve not used the best words, write them anyway.
  • Even if you’re having one of those days when words of one syllable are about the best you can deliver, write them anyway.

Whatever words you write … once they are on the page, they can be edited.

We then look at different types of words and how you might replace them with better ones. The greater your vocabulary, the easier this will be for you.  I also remind you of the software tools that might prove useful and make this editing task even easier.

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