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This is not so much about where to put the commas but where not to put commas!

If a sentence has one subject but two verbs, no comma is needed between the subject and the second verb. Eh? Here’s an example.

I left work early and walked home.

The subject is ‘I’ and the verbs are ‘left’ and ‘walked’. The subject is implied for the second verb.

I left work early and (I) walked home.

What we don’t need is a comma – even though you might feel the need for a pause before ‘and’

I left work early, and walked home. WRONG!

Ditto for sentences that have two subjects and one verb.

My best friend from school and my brother’s flatmate are getting married.

The subjects are ‘friend’ and ‘flatmate’; the verb is ‘getting married’. No comma before ‘and’.