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Insects in the grass? (Macro Editing Hat) | ScrivenerVirgin

I have a new hat, one to keep the Madeira sun off my face. If you want to see it, you’ll need to become my friend on Facebook.

Right now, I’m toying between putting on my macro editing hat – the one I use to ‘see the big picture’ – or my micro editing hat – so I can seek out those insects in the grass. And there’s yet another hat: the one I use to review writing style.

Decision made!

© Oilslo | - Woven Hat Photo

Here’s a section of text from Safari Supper, my 2015 NANO novel, written at speed and – look at all the red squiggly lines! – it’s full of typos.


Project Replace

One of my characters is called Angela, except mostly, I type this as Agnela. My blog on 16 September, Casting Around, I gave a link to a short video on Project Replace. Now’s the time to apply this technique?

I select Edit / Find / Project Replace, enter the incorrect spelling ‘Agnela’ and the correct spelling ‘Angela’, make your selections eg for Scope and Affect, and click on Replace. There is a warning – this action cannot be undone … OK!

Looking at my text, I can save myself a lot of correction time, using this Scrivener option to replace ‘hte’ with ‘the’, and ‘oudl’ with ‘ould’, and ‘adn’ with ‘and’, and so on.

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Acknowledgment: © Oilslo | – Woven Hat Photo
  • Patsy

    14 December 2015 at 17:18

    It’s odd how often we can mistype the same word in the same way. There’s probably some deep psychological reason for it …

  • Stuart Lennon

    13 December 2015 at 17:32

    I’m going to do this – but using a bit of software to point the way for me – ProWriting Aid. I think that it will really help me combine Red Pen and Scrivener.

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