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Defeated, temporarily! (MacPro) | ScrivenerVirgin

I have been ‘en vacance’ since Saturday 5 December, relying on a MacPro laptop and intermittent Internet access from my holiday apartment for exploring Scrivener and posting to my blog, and hopefully, no one noticed.

But, yesterday, the laptop died and all my attempts to breathe life into it have failed. It will need looking at by someone in an Apple Store in the UK.

So, apologies! I won’t be able to post to my blog until I am reunited with Scrivener via my Mac at home. iPads are wonderful, but …

Plan B is to spend the final days of this holiday relaxing and not ‘working’ at all!

Normal service will resume on Thursday 14 or soon after. Thank you for your patience!

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  • Patsy

    8 January 2016 at 22:31

    I think that as you’ve got a perfectly good reason not to work you might as well make the most of it. Have fun.

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