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Yin and Yang In a Webinar World | ScrivenerVirgin

January is almost over and I’m taking stock of 2015 already.

If  you’re anything like me, you made several New Year resolutions:

  • To get that novel finished
  • To self-publish said novel
  • Crack the code for social media exposure
  • To market your novel to the world
  • To retire, wealthy, to a desert island!

I wonder which of these is your highest priority.

Highest priority: Building an audience

Yes, for me, it’s building an audience. Then, when I’m ready to self-publish, I’m hopeful of a market, eager to buy.

I’ve done my research, watched hours of video footage, attended a dozen or more live webinars and soaked up all there is on offer on the Internet and on YouTube.

Next priority?

As well as ScrivenerVirgin, I have my Red Pen … and this past week, I’ve hosted seven of the ten scheduled Red Pen Launch webinars. With only three to go, two are full (there is a limit on how many I can fit in the ‘room’!) and only the 11am GMT slot tomorrow has space for anyone who’d like some free tuition on my Red Pen Editing cycle, including a free download, plus the option to invest in Red Pen Training.

I’ve set up the programme of webinars for 2016 for the new Red Penners, but I’m still learning how best to present through webinars using GoToWebinar. I use InfusionSoft to keep track of my contacts and automating emailing, and LeadPages to create the link ads. It’s a steep learning curve and I’m grateful for the number of training webinars made available free of charge.

LeadPages currently have an offer which includes a 3-month free trial of AWeber

(a marketing tool very much like InfusionSoft, to automate email marketing).

If you are interested in trying LeadPages and taking advantage of this offer, click here.
The offer ends tomorrow at 5 am GMT.

As a writer/editor/Red Pen mentor, I’m sharing my writing – and publishing/marketing – journey, learning to use Scrivener with you. I’m not an expert in self-publishing or marketing or using the software that I find essential. I do recommend them to you and, as an affiliate, I may receive a commission on any sales of these products and services that come via me. But, I only recommend people and products that I admire. If you apply what these guys teach, you will be blown away, just like I am.

The ScrivenerVirgin blog is a journey of discovery:
a step-by-step exploration of how Scrivener can change how a writer writes.
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Acknowledgment: © Styleuneed | – Yin And Yang Island Photo
  • Patsy

    31 January 2016 at 10:26

    I have worked out my goals, but don’t have much of an action plan for achieving them. Step 1 then is to create one.

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