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During the Simply Scrivener Special webinars, I share my screen so that I can demonstrate various features of Scrivener.

One issue that arose early on was visibility.  Consider this view of my Safari Supper novel. Small text

Shared across the Internet, with my attendees watching on screens of various sizes, immediately the cry went up: ‘I can’t read the words.’

Changing the size of the text within the Scrivenings pane is easy enough.

Notice the 100% with two arrows in the bottom left corner? Click here, and choose a bigger percentage, and the text size increases.Large text

As I say, easy! But then, another request came: ‘What about the text within the Binder pane?

Scrivener PreferencesAh … that took a little bit of investigation, but here’s the solution. Select Scrivener / Preferences.

Then, choose the Appearance tab and, within the Fonts section, decide what font size will suit you and your audience.

Set font size

Hey presto! The visibility problem disappears.

Large binder text

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  • Denise Brixey

    7 June 2016 at 18:30

    Thanks, Anne! I’ll be able to fix it myself without bother you to stop the webinar!!

  • Patsy

    7 June 2016 at 15:29

    Varying the size like that seems to help with editing and proofreading, especially when we’ve read the piece several times.

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