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Works with Scrivener (ProWritingAid) | ScrivenerVirgin

This is post 10, the final post, of my series looking at how ProWritingAid works with Scrivener. I hope you decided to trial ProWritingAid and have been working alongside me in exploring its features.

One question that I haven’t answered so far:

How exactly does ProWritingAid work with Scrivener?

Simple … this is how, on my Mac.

1: Go to the ProWritingAid site


2: Click on the Scrivener link to download a free trial of ProWritingAid and follow the instructions

Scrivener instructions

3: Open the ProWritingAid application from within Finder


4: Open the Scrivener project file from this dialogue box

5: Select the Scrivener document within your project

SelectFinder Applications

You’ve seen already screens with reports in the left pane and text on the right. Imagine opting for a report and making some changes to a scene. When you try to choose a different scene to work on, this message pops up.


Clicking on Save updates your Scrivener project file. Easy!

And? There’s more?
  • ProWritingAid offer a free eBook for you to download.
  • If you’re interested in learning more about the Red Pen Editing cycle, my book is available on Amazon, only £2.99.

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