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Literature & Latte’s Interactive Tutorial walks you through

Literature & Latte are keen for users of Scrivener to get the best from their software. It is a sophisticated tool with hundreds of features, and learning how to use just the features you need may seem daunting.

Interactive Tutorial Help menuSo, via the Help menu, Literature & Latte provide several tools, each one appealing to different learning styles.

  • For those who prefer to read the manual, there is one.
  • For those who like to watch a video with a demonstration before exploring, these are available too.
  • Those who prefer to learn ‘on the job’, the Interactive Tutorial which walks you through all the main features.

There is much else besides – but today, I’m focusing on the InteractiveTutoriall.

How does Scrivener’s Interactive Tutorial work?

Select Interactive Tutorial from the Help menu and you will see this message.

Interactive Tutorial messageThe Interactive Tutorial route sets up a dummy project so that you can try out features and get to know your way around Scrivener, separate from any projects you plan to create for your writing. It’s a safe environment, full of useful information.

You decide where to save this project file. I’ve put mine in a folder called ‘Courses I’ve been on’ and within that ‘Scrivener Interactive Tutorial’.

Saving the Interactive Tutorial

The project file is created and opens at a document called START HERE.

Interactive Tutorial BinderThe Binder shows all the topics that are covered within this tutorial.

When you first open the project, the text welcomes you to Scrivener and provides information on how to use the tutorial.

It’s written for complete beginners. If you have upgraded from Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3, there is a ‘What’s New in Scrivener 3’ collection.

To access this, show the collections by clicking on the View icon.

Interactive Tutorial - view dropdown


Then click on the collection itself.

Interactive Tutorial - collections

You will then see a list of documents, all related to the new features available within Scrivener 3.

Interactive Tutorial what's new

To get back to the Binder, click on the X in the top left corner of the collections pane.

Back to the beginners! There are thee main sections in the Tutorial:

  • The folder labelled Basics covers everything you need to get started with Scrivener. Read the documents in order – allow about an hour for this.
  • There are then two more folders … for when you feel brave enough to dig deeper!
Going further within the Interactive Tutorial

Interactive Tutorial going further detailsThe ‘Going Further’ folder looks quite inviting. Just a few entries to explore. But when you expand all the sub-folders, it becomes clear that there’s much to learn.However, iInteractive Tutorial going further overview

Getting to grips with all of these features will take time. Best to tackle one at a time, and only as needs must.

Tips within the Interactive Tutorial

Having seen the extent of material within the Going further folder, you might not want to expand the Tips folder!

It’s not so bad … and provides useful information of a variety of topics … including how to reset the tutorial.

Interactive Tutorial tips

Are we done with the Interactive Tutorial?

No .. there’s more … before going through the material, Literature & Latte recommend you read the Key Concepts. For those new to Scrivener, understanding that it not a word processor, it cannot be compared with software like Word, is an essential step in getting the most from this incredible tool.

Interactive Tutorial key concepts

Simply Scrivener Specials

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