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First stop: Udemy

There’s lots of training available for free, but if you are prepared to invest in your Scrivener education, I’d recommend you check out the many courses available via Udemy.

Right now, there is a special offer – only £14.99.

Udemy courses by Karen Prince

Karen Prince’s courses are designed to suit both Mac and Windows users.

For those using Scrivener 2, this comprehensive course takes you step-by-step through the process of writing your book: Full Course on How to Write a Book in Scrivener 2.

For those using Scrivener 3, this is the course for you.

There are also two Udemy courses available with Steve Shipley:

Second Stop: Scrivener Classes

For a full range of Scrivener courses check out Gwen Hernandez … Gwen wrote Scrivener for Dummies. She is THE expert.


and Joseph Michael

Last but not least: Simply Scrivener Specials

To see me demonstrate Scrivener features, or if you need to ask any questions about Scrivener, book a Simply Scrivener Special.

To help me to prepare, you might also complete this short questionnaire.

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