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Header image | Placeholders: Yet more auto-numberingThis post brings the Auto-numbering series to a close! To recap, there have been three posts to date:

Last but not least, we’ll look at making placeholders more readable, and this leads us neatly to the need to consider to Document Variables as the next topic in this series on tag words.

Making placeholders more readable

The List of All Placeholders explains how you might make your placeholders more readable.

List of All Placeholders | Placeholders: Yet more auto-numbering

As an example, according to the BBC Writers’ Room website, in playwriting, the Acts are numbered (I, II, III, …) and Scenes are numbered within Acts (1, 2, 3, …). This information is provided by Scrivener in the Sample Script.

Numbering of Acts and Scenes | Placeholders: Yet more auto-numbering

Note that the text in the New Scene template reads “ACT[N] SCENE[N]” and the Replacements pane (in Compile) shows the placeholders at work.

Using Replacements | Placeholders: Yet more auto-numbering

It’s in the Replacements pane that the choice of numbering is specified:

  • Capital Roman for the Act numbers
  • Arabic for the scenes

The tagword <$ParentPosition> – and how to use it – is explained in the List of All Placeholders under the heading Document Variables.Document Variables | Placeholders: Yet more auto-numbering

Document Variables are next on our list for this blog series!

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