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Welcome to my free 14-day Scrivener course.


This course is designed to be taken on 14 consecutive days, spending about 30-60 minutes each day. You could spend longer, if you have time, but don’t go over 90 minutes – it’s difficult to absorb new concepts if you’re flagging.

The lessons are ‘released’ daily to encourage you not to race through the course. Slow but sure; it’s the name of the game.

However, you can stretch the course schedule to suit your own work/life commitments. You can also return to it at a later date and redo the lessons, if you wish.


This Scrivener course is based on these free resources:

  • Literature & Latte video tutorials for Mac users
    Literature and Latte provide video tutorials that last from 2 minutes to 10 minutes, each one covering a particular aspects of Scrivener. These are available – for free – on
    their website. You can also access these video tutorials via the Help menu in Scrivener.

    During the 14 days, you’ll watch many of these.
    If you are using PC/Windows platform, L&L started releasing videos for Scrivener 3 in March 2021 – and you might prefer to watch these! 
  • ScrivenerVirgin blog posts
    My blog shares my Scrivener journey. As I embraced each new Scrivener feature, I shared my progress via the blog. This resource now has hundreds of posts, and you’ll be reading some of these in the next fortnight. (To see the index of posts, click here.)
  • Simply Scrivener Specials
    I host a 60-minute Q&A on Tuesday evenings 6pm (UK time) and you are very welcome to attend (or register to attend and watch the recording). Simply book a place with me for a Simply Scrivener Special and, to help me prepare answers for your questions, please also complete this short questionnaire.

Make the most of these free resources and enjoy your Scrivener journey.

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