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In what follows, I’ve used bulleted list, but the same capitalisation rules apply to numbered lists and lettered lists.

If the stem a complete sentence (ending with a full point), you can capitalise the first word of each list item even though they are not complete sentences. Think of them as headings..

There are seven colours in the rainbow.

        • Red
        • Orange
        • Yellow
        • Green
        • Blue
        • Indigo
        • Violet

If the stem is not a complete sentence, you can’t use capitals for the list items and the end punctuation can become complicated!

The weather may be poor, so please bring with you:

        • warm clothing.
        • waterproof footwear!
        • an umbrella?

My advice though is to keep it simple. Don’t over-dramatise the text. Make the stem a sentence … and use capitals for the list items.

The weather may be poor, so please bring these with you.

        • Warm clothing
        • Waterproof footwear
        • An umbrella