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I’m not known for my patience – and I wanted to learn Scrivener fast.


Googling ‘Scrivener training’  led me to precisely what I needed: LearnScrivenerFast.
If you check out the link, you’ll learn all about Joe (Joseph Michael – that’s him smiling in the image) and the wonderful materials he has developed. His course is not cheap, but then it’s a quality product.

I also discovered Udemy at #3 on the Google hit list. They offer a free course of 12 videos delivering 2 hours of training on Scrivener; and several excellent, reasonably priced, courses suitable for aspiring writers/users of Scrivener. If you sign up for Udemy’s newsletter, you’ll be offered cut-price courses as well.

As an ex-teacher (can anyone ever become an ex-teacher?), I know how much effort goes into planning material, and the skills involved in putting a course together, and the energy levels required to deliver it to an audience. So I was happy to pay for my Scrivener training.

If you are too, excellent … Follow the links above and sign up. Set aside some time and, pretty soon, you’ll be as happy with Scrivener as I am. It’s a great tool.

What did I sign up for?  LearnScrivenerFast and Udemy’s ‘How to Plan and Outline Novels using ScrivenerandRevise and Edit your own Novel‘.  The unseasonable weather this ‘summer’ made it easy for me to stay indoors, headphones on, trying out all the tricks. My learning was definitely fast track and I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s ongoing …

If you’d rather not pay for the training, or you’re not sure how Scrivener can benefit writers of short stories and novels, stick around!

Over the coming weeks, and in time for this year’s NaNoWriMo, as your personal ScrivenerVirgin, I am going to walk, step by step, through Scrivener – but from an author’s point of view, and with NaNoWriMo in mind.

I’ll also be flagging up free training opportunities. All you need to do is invest the time.

On Friday, we’ll start where all stories and novels start: at the beginning.

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