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Proof of the pudding workshop | ScrivenerVirgin

Scrivener is not just ideal for writing and editing novels!

I’m currently developing material for my third ‘Proof of the Pudding’ workshop. POP3

As part of the one-on-one mentoring I offer, an author presents a series of drafts. For each revised draft, I set three editing tasks according to what’s relevant – what needs fixing the most.

The author who volunteered a story for the POP3 workshop has presented three drafts already. And I’ve set nine editing challenges to date.

In anticipation of the arrival of draft 4, I’ve set up a fresh document, ready for the text. I’ve also set up a document called ‘Tasks 10-12’.

Then what?

When draft 4 arrives, I’ll copy and paste it into place. Then, in writing Tasks 10-12, I’ll need sight of the tasks I’ve already set. Otherwise, how can I dream up the next set of three challenges?

cmd select

Even though they appear interspersed within the binder, I can select just the task documents, holding the cmd key down while selecting each document.

To see both the draft and the tasks, a split screen is needed. To activate this option, I click on the icon to the top right of the pane. I prefer a vertical split …

split pane
Proof of the pudding workshop | ScrivenerVirginNow, on the left, I select Draft 4 and, on the right, I still have tasks 1-9.

You are seeing both sides in corkboard View Mode. I’ve not revealed the Scrivenvirgin view; that’s only available for those following my Red Pen training course.

Trust me though – it works. I’ll be able to see the text of Draft 4 and the tasks to date at the same time.

But where am I to compose my next set of three tasks? I need three viewing areas, not two. Quick View to the rescue … select View / QuickReference / Manuscript / POP3 / Tasks 10-12.

Proof of the pudding workshop | ScrivenerVirgin

Proof of the pudding workshop | ScrivenerVirgin Up pops a window with which I can compose my three new tasks. Notice that I number them 1, 2 and 3. I am kind to my RedPenners!

Whatever I write in the QuickView pane appears also in the Binder version of this document. When I’m done with inventing tasks, I copy and paste the text into an email to the author, and then close that window.

And then I wait for draft 5 …

What’s the purpose of a Proof of the Pudding workshop?

To illustrate the Red Pen Editing process.

Why are the workshops called Proof of the Pudding?

Because the polished stories are accepted for publication, proving that the Red Pen Editing process works!

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