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eBook, PDF and Kindle Format (Compiling with Scrivener) | ScrivenerVirgin

I’ve not posted in a while, but I have a great excuse: I’ve been busy compiling with Scrivener and now have three versions of the same manuscript: EDITING The RedPen Way.

I’ve learnt much much more about the power of Scrivener in the past three weeks, but the best bit (there are so many best bits!) is the flexibility of output.

I explain below why I had three different forms of output, and I’ll be sharing lots more detail of the methods I used in posts to come. I hope you can be patient. Right now my focus is on launching my book – and that happens on 6 September.

By way of an apology for neglecting you, please click on the image for your free copy of the book.

Now, why did I produce three different versions?

An ebook for my Beta readers

A few weeks ago, I set up an ebook version of EDITING The RedPen Way, and everyone who joined by Beta Reader group was provided with a copy.

It was easy for me to check on screen and for my beta readers to access too. At that stage, I just needed initial feedback.

A pre-release PDF for my launch team – and for you too

My next challenge was to produce a PDF version. Frankly, it was so easy … and if you can’t wait until the release date of 6 September, you are welcome to have a copy of the pre-release version. Just click on the image above and sign up for your free copy. I’ll email you the PDF.

A Kindle version to upload to Amazon

The reason I’ve had time today to write this post is that an hour or so ago I uploaded the Kindle version of the Amazon website and pressed publish.

It took me longer to register as an author on Amazon and complete my tax form and all that other stuff than it did to compile my Kindle version. Truly, it was that easy …

I now have a couple of days to try to catch up with all the things I’ve not done in the past fortnight or so: pay bills, phone friends who think I’ve been abducted by aliens, sleep!

Write and publish your book in 90 days

If you are planning to write a book, or have your fiction novel in final draft form, I recommend you sign up for the Self-Publishing School.

Chandler Bolt’s system works. I joined on 12 June and I’ll be publishing on 6 September. 86 days. Never in doubt (well hardly ever!).

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