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Life after NaNo = Exploring Scrivener 3 | ScrivenerVirgin

There is life after NaNo – exploring Scrivener 3!

Each November, for thirty days, my focus is on writing that new novel. This year, it was Lucinda’s Legacy – a tale triggered by a comment I overheard back in May: It’s all about the money. Oh no, it’s not. Oh yes, it is!

And then the story grew and grew and grew …

Meanwhile, other projects have been languishing. So, every year, I call a halt as soon as I reach 50K. The rest of the latest novel – all the scenes that I’ve outlined – can wait. Back to the grindstone!

What is my grindstone – right now? Exploring Scrivener 3!

The new version of Scrivener has launched two weeks ago and, although I have upgraded on my main Mac, I’ve resisted playing with the new version.

I could learn by trial and error, but a better – and quicker route – is available.

Hooray for two tutors – the experts in the field, who have been privy to the development of Scrivener 3: Gwen Hernandez and Karen Prince – and who have provided much-needed material in the nick of time.

Exploring Scrivener 3 with Gwen Hernandez

Gwen has released a FREE course: Jump Into Scrivener 3 for Mac: A Mini-Course for Scrivener 2 Users

As Gwen explains: It’s a short, free introduction to what’s new and different in Scrivener 3, for Scrivener 2 for Mac users. No enrollment or registration required, just click any lesson to view it. The lessons are short so you can move through them quickly, and to make it easier to jump to the topics that interest you most.

So, for those of us already using Scrivener 2, we can enjoy exploring Scrivener 3 with Gwen, for free.

Exploring Scrivener 3 with Karen Prince

Karen has released a course via Udemy. For 56 lessons, exploring Scrivener 3 from scratch, it’s a snip at $15?

Simply Scrivener Specials

Simply Scrivener SpecialInterested in exploring Scrivener 3? Book a Simply Scrivener Special.

To help me to prepare, you could also complete this short questionnaire.

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