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There were several occasions during the first 40K of NANO when I invited my main character to ‘walk this way’. Instead of populating the outline I had so carefully prepared ahead of time, she was determined to tread her own path.

Was I relieved when the name of Ballycombe-by-the-Sea at last crossed her lips?

Keeping track of the revised storyline might have been a nightmare in Word – been there before, got the T-shirt. With Scrivener, it’s a breeze.

My ultimate aim is for each text file to hold one scene and for each of these to plot an event or decision made by a character. I guessed at most 500 words per scene, so my first line of attack is to identify scenes that appear overlong and to break them down. I explained in my Pantser heaven? blog post how to Split at Selection.

What makes life even easier is the control I have over the corkboard view. In this view, I have three columns of cards and the font size is quite small.


Controlling the corkboard layoutIf I want to change this, I click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the corkboard area.

For example, I might reduce the number of cards across to 2, and uncheck the ‘Use small font’ box.

This is the result:

Corkboard with fewer cards across and bigger font


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