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 Scrivener Plus Points: #3 (I have a choice.) | ScrivenerVirgin

Using Scrivener: Three plus points

#1: Everything is in one place. (Read Here)

#2: I feel like I am in control. (Read Here)

#3: I have a choice.

Because there are so many aspects to a novel, so many dimensions to visualize, so many jigsaw pieces to fit together, the whole task can seem insurmountable – during writing and, even more so later, when editing. With Scrivener, I feel the project, this beast (which bears no resemblance to a giraffe), can be pinned down. I’ll explain more in the days and weeks to come.

Closeup Of Giraffe's Neck And Head

Come November, when it’s time to embark on my next novel (and you on yours?), I’m expecting to be better prepared than ever before. I know already it’s to be called Safari Supper and that this does include some long-necked specimens although, again, not of the featured variety.

With Safari Supper I’ll know where things are or will be. I’ll not panic when there the plot holes. I’ll leave myself lots of notes whenever I have an idea but don’t want to follow that line of thought just yet.

I can choose what to work on next, which scenes to focus on today. I can make progress!

So far, I have transferred two of my novels from Word into Scrivener – it was so easy! And have started editing them both with a very positive attitude.

How? File / Import and Split … I’ll explain that too, soon!

On Monday, I’ll focus on how, with minimal effort and in the shortest time possible, to absorb all the features that Scrivener has to offer.

Yes! That means you get the weekend off.

A chance to have a look at your work-in-progress and think about which project will be your first to transfer/start on Scrivener. If you’ve yet to download Scrivener … here’s that Mac link again.

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

And the one for Windows: Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

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Acknowledgment: © Davidcrehner| – Closeup Of Giraffe’s Neck And Head
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