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All tooled up (NaNo2017) | ScrivenerVirgin

All tooled up and ready to write?

Only hours to go and this post is to make sure you have everything at your fingertips for the 30 days of November.

Complete your planning

If you are a pantser – this will be a very quick process!

If you are a planner, your outline will provide you with prompts for every day. The scene synopsis will guide you through what was toAll tooled up! (NaNo2017) | ScrivenerVirgin be your storyline.

It’s only a guide though. If the characters decide they have different ideas, go with them. Don’t argue! Expect to enjoy the ride.

Be there for the midnight start

If at all possible, join me live in the Facebook group at midnight on 31 October. Tomorrow!

Switch off your internal editor

Don’t be tempted to read over what you wrote the day before, and never, ever, ever edit while you write.

Overview (Messaging in Scrivener) | ScrivenerVirginIf there’s a nagging voice in your head, use one of the messaging options to make a note – but don’t pay attention, don’t resteer, don’t lose the flow.

Take your pick from the various Scrivener messaging options:

Whatever comes into your head, if it’s not part of the story narrative, leave a message to yourself. You’ll have plenty of time in December and the first ten months of 2018 to work your way through these.

Write, write, write!

backdrop shotYou might enjoy using composition mode when you are writing.

No distractions …

Choose your own wallpaper and away you go.

Keep on track

Be accountable to yourself for your progress … use Scrivener’s target setting option.

At the end of every writing day, ent

er you word count into the field on the NaNo site and make sure you are above the line.

See you on the other side!

I will be blogging during November, but won’t be offended if you are too busy to read my posts!

Questions about Scrivener? Need a helping hand? Want a demo?

I’ll also be continuing the Simply Scrivener Special webinars during November.

To watch me go through the process of writing my NaNo novel or to ask any questions, book a Simply Scrivener Special.

To help me to prepare, you could also complete this short questionnaire.


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