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Contents Page for an eBook (Compiling with Scrivener 3) | ScrivenerVirgin

An ebook needs a dynamic contents list

Setting up the binder for a TOC | Compiling with Scrivener 3: Contents page for an eBook

The process of setting up a table of contents (TOC) is straightforward!

Step 1: Decide what is to appear

Your aim is to set up the Binder so it shows whatever you want to appear in the content list.

Bear in mind that each entry will form a hyperlink, so be as helpful to your reader by providing a clear view of the structure of your book.

Expand/collapse folders to suit yourself – and your readers – and then, select them all as shown in the image.

NB: Don’t include the Contents!

Step 2: Create the contents list on the clipboard

Having set up the Binder as you wish, and selected the relevant entries, select Edit / Copy Special / Copy Documents as ToC.


Copy Documents as TOC

Step 3: Paste the ToC into the Contents document

I already had a document called Contents, so I Selected All before I pasted the new ToC into place.

Step 4: Choose the Table of Contents settings

As soon as you paste the ToC into place, Scrivener presents you with this pane. I didn’t argue! Click Ok.

TOC settings

This is what then appeared. The <$p> at the end of each line are for the page numbers which would be automatically calculated during the compile process.TOC with page numbers | Compiling with Scrivener 3: Contents page for an eBook

For an eBook, the page numbers are not needed, so delete them all, leaving just the hyperlinks for the titles of your documents. It should look like this before you compile.

TOC for eBook | Compiling with Scrivener 3: Contents page for an eBook

And, when you compile …

compiled TOC for eBook

You might be tempted to add more detail to the contents list, or take some material out, to make it fit better on a page. However, remember that the reader decides on the page size. Best to leave well alone. It works, and that’s enough.

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